Elections in Nepal: Identifying the Politically Excluded Groups

Elections in Nepal: Identifying the Politically Excluded Groups


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Elections in Nepal: Identifying the Politically Excluded Groups
A study of the parliamentary election results from 1991 to 2013

by Kåre Vollan
2015, pp. vi+58
ISBN: 978 9937 2 9057 9
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This book identifies which of Nepal’s many caste and ethnic groups have managed to get elected to parliament (including the two constituent assemblies) since 1991 without any assistance from affirmative action and which groups have generally been excluded from unless some measures of inclusiveness are applied. It also provides suggestions on how these excluded groups can be ensured representation though the application of minimum quotas.

Kåre Vollan is Director and owner of the company Quality AS, Oslo, Norway. He has been working on elections in more than 30 countries and territories, including Nepal, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Armenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2006, he has been advising the Election Commission and politicians in Nepal, in particular on the system of representation, including group representation. Between 1996 and 2009, he headed 12 international election observation missions or teams. Since 2003 he has also drafted opinions on election laws for the Council of Europe Venice Commission. Vollan has been teaching and supervising students on elections and power-sharing and has published a number of articles and reports on electoral and decision-making issues, related in particular to post-conflict situations.

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