Geographical Education and Research in Nepal

Geographical Education and Research in Nepal


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Geographical Education and Research in Nepal

(Baha Occasional Paper III)


Jagannath Adhikari

2010, pp iv+56

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This paper
discusses the contribution of geographers and geo­graphical research to the
understanding of Nepal. The geographical scholarship of both Nepali and foreign
scholars of Nepal
is com­pared and analysed. The influence of various schools of thoughts in
geography and their impact on geography education and research in Nepal is
explored. Also analysed is the contribution of studies in Nepal to the
advancement of geographical knowledge and under­standings.

Jagannath Adhikari received his PhD in human geography from The
Australian National University, Canberra,
in 1995. The broad focus of his PhD research was the study of social and
environmental change and its impact on resource management—particularly land,
agricultural production and forest. His research interests are labour migration
and remittance economy, food security, environmental justice, land management,
land reform, participatory natural resource management and urban history.

Adhikari is a prolific writer who has authored or
co-authored more than a dozen books, several journal articles and book
chapters. Among his books are Food Crisis in Karnali. A Historical and
Political-economic Perspective
(2008); Changing Livelihoods. Essays on Nepal’s
Development since 1990
(2008); Land Reform in Nepal: Problems and
(2008); Pokhara: Biography of a Town (2002); The New
Lahures: Foreign Employment and Remittances Economy of Nepal
(2001); Food
Crisis in Nepal: How Mountain Farmers Cope
(1999); and The Beginnings of
Agrarian Change: A Case Study in Central Nepal
(1996). He has also edited
books on poverty, urbanisation and bio-diversity.

He is currently a Visiting Fellow at his alma

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