Statistical Evidence on Social and Economic Exclusion in Nepal

Statistical Evidence on Social and Economic Exclusion in Nepal


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Evidence on Social and Economic Exclusion in Nepal
Arun K.L. Das/Magnus Hatlebakk
2010, pp.
ISBN: 978
9937 8266 7 9
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The discourse on social exclusion in Nepal
is very ideological, with some authors considering basically all Nepalis as
socially excluded except for male Bahuns of hill origin. This is obviously not
very useful for targeted economic and social interventions, and this book
attempts to provide statistical evidence on what population groups are de facto
excluded along a number of economic and social dimensions.

 Arun Kumar Lal Das is a professor of statistics at Tribhuvan University, where he has been affiliated
with the applied research institute Centre for Economic Development and
Administration (CEDA) since 1978. He has been involved in numerous studies for
the Nepali government, and also in calculating human development indicators for
the UNDP Nepal Human Development reports. He has also been teaching statistics
at Tribhuvan University.

Magnus Hatlebakk is a senior research economist at Chr.
Michelsen Institute, an applied development studies institute in Norway. He has
done research on rural credit and labor markets in Nepal since 1997 that is published
in international journals. He has also written on the ongoing conflicts, as
well as on the economic development of Nepal. His main empirical focus has
been on the eastern Tarai, in particular on Tarai Dalits, but he has also done
fieldwork among the ex-Kamaiyas in the western Tarai.


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