Multi-Ethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal

Multi-Ethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal


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Multi-Ethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal
Anne Z. Parker
2013, pp. xxvi+186
ISBN: 978 9937 597 03 6
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Multi-Ethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal captures the complex and evolving dynamics between Nepal’s diverse ethnic groups in co-creating the landscape and the culture they live in. This exploration of Siddha Pokhari in eastern Nepal offers a intimate glimpse into the relationships between ethnic and caste groups, illuminating the nuanced processes and emergent properties of the interface of peoples, beliefs and cultures. The dynamics described here, inspired by Nepal’s exceptionally multi-ethnic scene, can provide a lens through which to understand the meeting of peoples in a world where multiple perspectives increasingly interface with each other, raising questions such as: What beliefs persist and why? How do conflicting but strongly held views merge or diverge in a shared cultural context? What is the dynamic between power and persistence? How are ethnic identities defined over time and change? How literally do we shape the earth and landscapes we live in based on our cultural lenses? This book takes you to the elegant landscapes of the steeply carved hills of eastern Nepal and the lives of its many peoples as it delves for the answers.

Anne Z. Parker is Professor of Environmental Studies at Naropa University, Colorado, where she teaches Geography and Environmental Leadership courses in the BA in Environmental Studies and the MA in Environmental Leadership. She received her PhD in Geography from the University of Oregon, MA in Inner Asian Studies from Indiana University, and BA in Conservation of Natural Resources from University of California Berkeley. She has travelled, studied and carried out research thought the Himalayan region. Multi-Ethnic Interface in Eastern Nepal is based on her PhD research carried out in the hills of eastern Nepal.

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