The country is yours

The country is yours




The Country Is Yours: Contemporary Nepal Literature

Translated and Introduced by Manjushree Thapa

2009, pp. xiv+189

ISBN 978 9937 2 1512 1

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Nepali literature has a proud tradition of social engagement and aesthetic experimentation. The Country is Yours contains the work of 49 Nepali writers and poets of the post-1990 era writing in the Nepali language as well as in regional mother tongues. Whether expressing perplexity or desire, demanding political liberation or offering more personal visions for transcendence, the stories and poems here showcase contemporary Nepali literature in all its richness and diversity.



Manjushree Thapa is the author of the upcoming A Boy from Siklis, and of Tilled Earth, Forget Kathmandu and The Tutor of History.

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