Mustang Bhot in Fragments

Mustang Bhot in Fragments


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Mustang Bhot in Fragments
by Manjushree Thapa
2002, pp. 132
ISBN 99933 13 16 5

Geographically, ethnically, culturally and religiously closer to Tibet than to other parts of Nepal, Mustang Bhot lies sequestered behind the high Himalaya. Till quite recently, this region had also been isolated from the rest of the world through a strict policy of restriction.

The writer made the first of her two trips to this remote corner of Nepal in 1990. Mustang Bhot in Fragments is an account of her trips, and also the story of a Nepali woman confronting the schisms in the communities she meets, in her country, and in her own identity.

The reprint a decade later of this acclaimed work will provide first-time visitors to Mustang with a reference point to begin understanding a region that is quite unlike any other in the world, as well as provide an insight into the dynamics behind the changes that have taken place there in the ten years since the government lifted its ban on foreign travellers.

Mustang Bhot in Fragments is the first book by Kathmandu-based Manjushree Thapa. Her first novel The Tutor of History (Penguin India) appeared in 2001. Her subsequent publications are Forget Kathmandu: An Elegy for Democracy (2005) and Tilled Earth (2007).


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